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A small group of students and a professor sitting in the grass during an outdoor class

Interdisciplinary Degrees

At Butler University, interdisciplinary programs offer students the opportunity to bring together their intellectual interests in a variety of academic disciplines. Students are able to investigate a topic or
issue in the world today from multiple perspectives, study ideas in several academic departments, and draw on existing disciplinary knowledge and then integrate these approaches.

Engineering Dual Degree (EDDP)—The EDDP allows students to study at Butler University which is known for its quality science, humanities, social science, fine arts, and professional programs and also have access to ABET accredited engineering programs at the Purdue School of Engineering and Technology at Indianapolis.

Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies—majoring in Gender, Women's and Sexuality Studies prepares students for professions in public administration, health and human services, the arts, law, medicine, social work, journalism and non-governmental social justice organizations, as well as graduate work in a number of programs.

Individualized Major—If your interests cut across normal disciplinary boundaries and you find any one department's major too confining, then this alternative may be for you.

International StudiesThe International Studies Major cuts across traditional barriers between intellectual disciplines and draws on the resources of the Departments of English, History, Geography and Anthropology, Modern Foreign Languages, Philosophy and Religion, Political Science, and Sociology in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the Department of Economics and International Management in the College of Business.

Peace and Conflict Studies—The Peace and Conflict Studies Program seeks to promote a critical understanding of the nature and dynamics of violent conflict and the conditions and practice of peace. It provides a structured program of study for students interested in issues of violence, conflict, social justice, human rights and peace. Contemporary peace studies is an arena of interdisciplinary research, study, dialogue, reflection and action which is supported by a broad disciplinary base drawing on the social sciences and humanities. Through interdisciplinary study and practice, grounded in methodological training that is discipline-specific, majors in Peace and Conflict Studies prepare for graduate study and a variety of careers in policy analysis, government, non-governmental organizations, journalism, teaching, law and business.

Science, Technology, & Society (STS) and Environmental Studies—The Science, Technology, & Society (STS) and Environmental Studies programs offer a broad education in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities. Students gain multiple perspectives and methods of research and problem solving that they can apply in their careers after graduation.