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Six Schools—Infinite Opportunities

Liberal Arts and Sciences

At Butler, a liberal arts education is at the heart of everything we do. Regardless of your chosen field of study, you’ll build a foundation to achieve anything in the future. The Liberal Arts emphasizes a well-rounded education that teaches you the power of knowledge for personal gain and social change.

It’s more than following a course checklist. You’ll be challenged to experience diverse cultures. You’ll develop critical-thinking skills and put them into practice in real-world situations. Perhaps most importantly, you’ll be prepared to improve the world around you.

Learn more about the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.


In the Andre B. Lacy School of Business, you start prepping for success from day one. Small class sizes and partnerships with real businesses in the community deliver experience that sets you apart from the competition. Experiential learning from real business professionals, and two required internships, means you’re prepared for success long before you even step out into the work force.

Graduates from the Lacy School of Business enjoy a 99% success rate. We believe that when you do things right, success isn’t a question.

Learn more about the Andre B. Lacy School of Business.


In our increasingly digitized and global society, communication is more important than ever. And at the College of Communication, you’re given the tools for success regardless of the field you want to enter. You’ll study with active scholars and leading professionals in small-class environments. Since they work in the field of Communications, instructors are constantly evolving their curriculum to meet today’s communication needs.

Whether you’re learning about traditional areas of communication or delving into new media, you’ll be ready to enter the workforce or a post-graduate program. And with experiential learning opportunities from one of Butler’s many extracurricular activities, you’ll step out of school ready to walk into a successful career.

Learn more about the College of Communication.


Teaching isn’t a career. It’s a calling. In the College of Education, you’ll learn how to answer.

You’ll collaborate with caring and energetic professionals in a small-class environment that teaches you to transform lives. Butler is the only university in Indiana that puts Elementary Education majors in a classroom environment for an entire year. You’ll also experience a range of educational models thanks to our metropolitan location and partnership with local schools.

The experiential, liberal arts curriculum, combined with our full accreditation by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education, makes Butler graduates very attractive to schools. In fact, 100% of students go on to either job placement or continue their education to pursue advanced degrees.

Learn more about the College of Education.

Jordan College of the Arts

What better place to grow and develop your voice than the cultural hub of the artistic community?

At the Jordan College of the Arts, you’ll discover an environment promotes artistic expression while teaching to the interrelatedness of all the arts. You’ll be immersed in a thriving community of artists that celebrate creativity and curiosity, and encourages artistic expression in all the corners of life.

What makes Jordan College of the Arts so unique is Butler’s commitment to the liberal arts. A well-rounded liberal arts education combined with conservatory-level instruction produces artist-citizens that have clear voice grounded in tradition and marked by innovation. In fact, JCA grads are 17% more likely to have first employment in their field of study.

Learn more about the Jordan College of the Arts.

Pharmacy and Health Sciences

The College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences takes passionate students and helps them transform into skilled pharmacists and physician assistants who are dedicated to their practice and

their community.

With new, state-of-the-art laboratories, classrooms, and technology in a 40,000 square-foot LEED Gold-Certified building, students are prepared to enter society with the latest training methods and technologies.

To stay involved, students and faculty continually support professional and community outreach by participating in numerous programs and public health initiatives implemented by Butler.

Learn more about the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.