DMS Bridge Program

Program Overview

A first of its kind program, the Butler DMS Bridge Program is designed exclusively for new PAs who have graduated within the past six months from an ARC-PA accredited program and are seeking the Doctor of Medical Science degree. The cohort-style program brings clinically focused students together from across the country for an engaging and accelerated, two-semester program delivered entirely online. The first seven weeks of the program include full-time didactic courses in Biostatistics, Research Design, and Issues in Clinical Practice, followed by a semester-long Capstone Project that is firmly grounded in biostatistics and research design.

Program Goals

  • Build on an intensive, entry-level PA curriculum to ensure PAs meet the changing demands of the healthcare environment.
  • Provide a rigorous, professional doctorate curriculum that focuses on a greater understanding of medicine, research, and leadership skills for PAs.
  • Demonstrate application of knowledge by producing targeted clinical research.
  • Create opportunities for developing enhanced decision-making skills and upward mobility in the workplace.
Why the DMS Bridge may be right for you.

The Butler DMS Bridge program is uniquely tailored for new PAs who have graduated from an ARC-PA accredited program within the past six months and are interested in expanding their clinical knowledge, developing research skills, and stepping into a leadership role more quickly.

The Butler DMS Bridge program allows new PAs to earn a DMS in a shorter amount of time by incorporating their 36-credit hours of supervised clinical experiences. Because the program builds off these recently completed hours, it can be completed in less time and at a lower cost than waiting until later in your career.

The process of becoming a certified and licensed PA, along with securing your first clinical position, can sometimes take months. As a student in the Butler DMS Program, you can effectively use this time to gain a new set of skills and leadership practices and become a more attractive candidate to your future employer.

Alumni Perspective

Build on what you know

“PA school focuses clinically—how do we treat patients and how do we get them better?  The Butler DMS Bridge program allowed us to look forward to the effects of research and leadership on healthcare—how PAs can be involved in research to improve quality of care and how PAs can form teams in healthcare to impact patient outcomes for the better.”

DeLaney Hartman, PA-C
Ensley OBGYN

DeLaney Hartman