Specific - Target the behavior or action you desire; answer who, what, when, where, why.
Measurable- Establish criteria so you will know when you're done.
Attainable- Choose an objective toward which you are both willing and able to work.
Realistic - Aim high but be sensible. Only you will know where to draw this line.
Time-based- Set within a timeframe to create a sense of urgency; review your goals regularly.

Really SMART goals are written down!

You Decide

Which goal statements meet the SMART criteria above?

____ I want to do better in school next term.
____ I will have the first draft of my biology research paper done by October 27 (two weeks in advance of the deadline) in order to consult with a peer tutor in the Writer's Studio and in time to make revisions.
____ I will get in shape by visiting the HRC regularly.
____ Between January 15 and March 10, I will get 30 minutes of exercise at least four days each week.
____ I need to add adventure into my life!
____ I will set aside $5.00 out of each paycheck to cover the cost of the Program Board's skydiving trip scheduled for next April.