Volunteer Center

National Kidney Foundation of Indiana

General Information

Address: 911 East 86th Street, Suite 100

City: Indianapolis, IN 46240

Contact Information

Name: Nicki Howard

Email address: nhoward@kidneyindiana.org

Phone number: (317) 722-5640

Website address: http://www.kidneyindiana.org/

Volunteer Information

Categorical listing: Health

Mission: Educate and prevent kidney and urinary diseases, assist those already affected, increase knowledge about organ donation and transplantation.

Volunteer Opportunities: Special events, health fairs and screenings, office, public education/speaking, wear our mascot.

Does this agency offer internships? Yes

Is volunteer training required: Yes, for SOME opportunities

Is a background check required: Yes, for SOME opportunities

Facebook: National Kidney Foundation of Indiana

Twitter:  @NKFofIndiana