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Marching band is a great way to make a lot of friends very, very quickly, and it offers a lot of perks and benefits towards your college career. Enrollment in the marching band gives you a $100 tuition reimbursement, allows you the ability to move in earlier than the rest of campus, and meets your university required PE credit. The marching season ends about 5 weeks prior to the end of the semester, opening up time previously used for rehearsals to study for finals while students in other PE courses are still attending classes. Participation in the band and guard makes you part of a very powerful spirit organization on campus, provides you the opportunity for leadership development and personal growth, and instills principals that can be used throughout the entirety of your college career.

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Joining the marching band is quite simple. When you register for your fall classes, add one of the following course numbers depending on your year and requirement. If you are taking marching band to receive your PE core requirement, regardless of your current year, add the course PWB140. If you already have your PE credit, then add course ES119 if you are a freshman or sophomore, or course ES319 if you are junior or senior. If you have not yet been in contact with the band office, fill out the online contact form. The band office will answer any questions you may have about the ensemble and will collect important instrumentation and uniform sizing information needed to start the year off strong. The office can be contacted via email at or 317-940-9876.

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