Center for Scholarly Engagement

BSI 2014 Final Presentation Schedule

All events are free and open to the public. A small reception is available at the poster session.

Wednesday, July 16 in JH 141.

Time Scholar Title Mentor Discipline
1:00 Julia Levine Theatre & the Environment: Exploring Human Relationships with Ecosystems Through Performance Owen Schaub Theater
1:20 Sean Meaden Urban Contemporary Music in Urban Secondary Education: 'Why Secondary Educators Should Incorporate This Genre Into Their Curriculum Tim Brimmer Music Education
1:40 Emma Landwerlen Outside the Box: a Study of Nonbinary Genders In the Americas Vivian Deno Gender Studies
2:00 Ryan Dimmitt Comparative study on the efficacy of cell-penetrating peptides, iRGD and HR9, in promoting docetaxel induced cytotoxicity in MDA-MB-435 breast-cancer cells Sudip Das Pharmacy
2:20 Emily Drwiega Risk Assessment of Pediatric Vancomycin-associated AKI Chad Knoderer Pharmacy

Poster Presentations

Wednesday, July 16 in the Irwin Library Collaborative Learning Space. 3:00-4:30 pm. Refreshments available.

Scholar Title Mentor Discipline
Aaron Brenner Circularly Polarized Luminescence of Fluorescent Dyes Todd Hopkins Chemistry
Vince Castro Formation of β-Methoxy Ethers Through Synthesis Paul Morgan Chemistry
Tanner Crandall Methodology for Trifluoromethylation Anne Wilson Chemistry
Joel Fuller Xavian: Graphic Novel Robert Stapleton and Gautam Rao Creative Writing and Art
Joey Hebert The Effect of Gibberellin and Its Chemical Precursor on Systemic Acquired Resistance and Defense-related Genes in Moss Nat Hauck Biology
Morgan Johnson Teacher Perceptions of Elementary Students with an Articulation Disorder of Varying Degrees Suzanne Reading Communication Sciences and Disorders
Dan Lester Investigation of SYD-2 Protein as a Substrate of the Anaphase-Promoting Complex Ubiquitin Ligase of the C.elegans Neuromuscular Junction Jen Kowalski Biological Sciences
Ally Munneke Investigation of the neuronal functions of the FSHR-1 protein in controlling neuromuscular signaling in C.elegans Jen Kowalski Biological Sciences
Sydney Pate Analysis of Volatile Organic Acids in Aratists Materials Michael Samide Chemistry
Perry Rabin An Investigation of the Unique Structural Forms of a Bacterial Enzyme and their Respective Biological Functions Jeremy Johnson Chemistry
Arielle Russell Abundance of Palmitoylated Proteins in E. coli and P. putida Jeremy Johnson Chemistry
Gabrielle Tatara The Effect of Priming God Concepts on Interpersonal Interactions Kate Morris Psychology
Zach Walter The Pokemon Effect: An Investigation of the Cognitive Factors that Predict Desirable Difficulties Mandy Gingerich Psychology
Ben Zercher Chiroptical Ionic Liquids Todd Hopkins Chemistry

Oral Presentations, Day 2

Thursday, July 17 in JH 141.

Time Scholar Title Mentor Discipline
10:00 Mary Jo Bissmeyer Conversational Scaffolding with Family Members of Patients with Aphasia Mary Gospel Communication Sciences and Disorders
10:20 Brittney Stephan Servant Leadership and the Organizational Church Jessica Moore Religion
10:40 Kristin Gutierrez Modeling Microfinance's Effectiveness in Reducing Poverty Peter Prescott Finance
11:00 Jackson O'Brien Nonlinear Surface Wave Propagation and Attenuation from an Array of Cylindrical Cavity Sources Dan Kosik Physics
11:20 Ashley Kline Characterizing the role of Misshapen in the germ line ring canals of Drosophilia melanogaster Lindsey Lewellyn Biology
11:40-1:00 Break for Lunch Lunch Break Break Break
1:00 Frank Allen Freedom and Labor: The Historical and Philosophical Origins of What it Means to be Free Brynnar Swenson History
1:20 Tessa Sommers Double Duty: Comparing and Contrasting the Horn's Roles in Brass and Woodwind Quintets Gail Lewis Music
1:40 Patrick Wright Versatile Voices: Current Jazz Guitar Language and Techniques Matt Pivec Music
2:00 Anna Sutter Flashbulb Memories of Coming Out: Child and Parent Perspective Neil Bohannon Psychology
2:20 Ian Katz Believing in the Change We Seek: Implicit Theories and Negative Feedback Alison O'Malley Psychology