Residence Life


The maintenance of a safe and secure residence hall environment is everyone's responsibility. To this end, the admittance of unauthorized persons to residence halls is prohibited. Residents should always lock their room and apartment doors to ensure personal safety and security of their property. To enhance the safety and security of all hall residents, residents' property as well as University property, Butler University police will conduct patrols of the residence halls/university apartment buildings on a periodic basis. Officers are fully commissioned and have the same authority as other law enforcement officers. For emergency situations requiring police, medical or firefight response, call 9-1-1. For non-emergency assistance, call University police at 940-2873. Additionally the following safety tips should be followed:

  • Never prop residence hall/University apartment building or Greek house doors open or let others prop them open. Close and latch any door you find propped.
  • Always carry your key and ID card with you and make sure doors lock after they enter.
  • Do not let others in through a door you have opened. Residence hall/University apartment students should immediately report to their RA, ACA, RLC or hall office staff if they see anyone propping a door or letting strangers into a stairwell.
  • Never walk alone on campus after dark. Organize your travel so you can walk with a group of friends. Choose a well-lit pathway for travel. For a safety transportation escort on campus contact the University police at ext. 2873.
  • Report suspicious persons or activities to the University police at ext. 2873. If you suspect you are being followed or if you fear a suspicious person, move to a brightly lit area or toward other people.
  • If you are a victim of a crime, immediately report the incident to the University police at ext. 2873 and to your RA/ACA/RLC. Your immediate report may be instrumental in apprehending the individual and/or recovering your loss.
  • Residence hall/university apartment students should never leave their rooms/apartments without locking their doors.
  • Never leave your keys and possessions unattended in a lounge, hallway, laundry room or other common space. Secure valuables in a locked place.
  • Check your family insurance to see if your possessions are covered while you have them on campus. If you are not adequately covered, consider personal property insurance.
  • Write down brand names, purchase prices and dates, and serial numbers of all valuables and name, account number and expiration date of all credit cards. This information should be kept separate from other valuables and in a safe location.
  • Report immediately any theft or loss to University police. You may also register your electronics HERE.

Abuse of safety equipment

Safety and security equipment is placed in the residence halls/university apartment buildings for your protection. Tampering with such equipment (exit signage, standard/emergency lighting, fire alarm horns/strobes) will endanger not only your life but also the life of everyone in the building. Participating in any activity that may compromise building security or safety will result in student conduct action and/or criminal charges.

If there is a fire:

  • If you see a fire or smell smoke, pull the nearest building alarm immediately.
  • Leave the building.
  • Call the University police at 940-9999.


At the beginning of the semester, familiarize yourself with the emergency and evacuation procedures, and the locations of exit stairwells and doors.

  • Plan more than one exit route.
  • If you hear a fire alarm, you are required to immediately exit the building.
  • Never use an elevator in a fire emergency.

If you get trapped in a room when there is a fire, close the doors and seal cracks and vents. Hang an object in front of the window (bed sheet, jacket) and/or telephone for help. If above the first floor do not open the window until instructed by rescue personnel.

When notified of severe weather, proceed quickly and calmly to the inner most area on the lower levels of the building, away from windows.