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Contract Questions

Some highlights of the contract are outlined below.  Please note, if discrepancies exist between the information on this web page and the contract, the contract shall take precedence. 


The room and board contract is for one academic year. The contract may not be canceled by an enrolled student after check-in, with the exception of move-out as a result of Greek recruitment, as outlined below.

Pledging At the End of Fall Semester

An upper class student who chooses to pledge/associate with a Greek chapter and wishes to terminate a housing contract as of the end of fall semester may do so in order to move into the Greek chapter house, provided 1) an "Intent to Vacate Notice" is completed in the Office of Residence Life by Dec. 1, and 2) the student is listed on his or her Greek chapter's occupancy roster for spring semester. Money paid to the University will not be transferred to a Greek chapter.

Pledging During Formal Recruitment

An upper class student who chooses to pledge/associate a Greek chapter during formal Greek recruitment may cancel this contract to move into her/his Greek chapter house on or before 5 p.m. on the Monday of the first week of classes, providing proper checkout procedures are observed and an "Intent to Vacate Notice" is completed in the Office of Residence Life. After this time, the student will not be allowed to terminate this contract to move into a Greek chapter house. After students are approved to cancel their contract, they must vacate their room and check out with their RA by the Saturday at 5PM following the first week of classes.

Cancellation Due to Non-Enrollment

If the student does not register for the second semester, he/she must give written notice of intent to leave on campus housing by completing an "Intent to Vacate Notice" available in the Office of Residence Life. This notice should be submitted by Dec. 1. If the notice is not received by the Office of Residence Life by Dec. 1, the $100 housing deposit will be forfeited.

The University may cancel the room and board contract without any refund in room fees, with appropriate notice, if a student violates residence hall policies or regulations.

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Contract and Preference Form

Room and board contracts are available in the Office of Residence Life. To reserve a room for the academic year, each new and returning student must complete a room and board contract and housing preference form. The preference form helps ensure that an assignment is made based upon the student's choices as much as possible.

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Eligibility for Housing

Students who have fulfilled all the admission requirements of the University and are enrolled fulltime are eligible to submit a room and board contract. Students must be enrolled at the University to reside in university residence halls.

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Hall Programming Fee

During the first semester of residence each year, the student will be charged an annual residence hall programming fee, which is non-refundable after check-in. This entire fee is allocated to the respective hall government, the Residence Hall Association and Residence Life staff for programming.

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Housing Deposit

During the first semester of residence, the student will be charged a $100 refundable housing deposit. The $100 housing deposit will be credited to the student account after any charges for damages or missing property have been made to the student account, and after the student officially leaves university housing. Damage or missing property noted at checkout will be billed to the student account. If a student damages common areas or requires a key to be replaced, the charges will be billed directly to the student's account. In cases where responsibility for common area damage or missing property cannot be specifically assigned, all students occupying the living unit will be responsible for damage on a prorated basis. The liability assessment for each student will be charged directly to the student's account. A student's liability is not limited to $100. After all charges have been made to the student account, and if the student does not have an active housing contract for the following year, the housing deposit will be credited back to the student's account.

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Length of Contract

The room and board contract for the residence halls and University Terrace apartments is for one academic year or the remaining portion thereof.  The length of contract for the Apartment Village is from Aug. 1 to May 31 or the remaining portion thereof.  If the student does not register for the second semester, and completes an "Intent to Vacate Notice" in the Office of Residence Life on or before Dec. 1, the contract may be terminated as of the end of the first semester. If the notice is not received by the Residence Life by Dec. 1, the $100 housing deposit will be forfeited.

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Meal Plan

All students are required to purchase a meal plan when contracting for housing in the university residence halls (excluding University Terrace and the Apartment Village). The board privileges provided are available only to students who have purchased a meal plan and may not be sold, loaned, assigned or given away. Meals are provided by Aramark Dining Services.

To change a meal plan, contact the Residence Life office, Atherton 303. Meal plans may only be changed within the first 2 weeks after classes have started of each semester.

Students with special dietary needs should see the food service director.

A student hired by a women's sorority to work in exchange for meals may terminate her or his meal plan upon written request. Written confirmation from the house director verifying employment must be received by the Director of Residence Life for meal plan termination and refunds to be completed.

New members of Greek chapters (which provide full meals in their chapter houses) may cancel their meal plans for spring semester only, provided they give written notification of cancelation to the Office of Residence Life by the end of the first week of spring semester classes.

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Personal Property

Butler University shall accept no responsibility for the theft or loss of monies, valuables or other personal effects of the student. The University cannot assume responsibility for loss of, or damage to, personal property, for failure or interruption of utilities, or injury to persons. Students are encouraged to make sure that their personal property is covered by their own insurance.

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If a student withdraws from Butler and the residence hall during the academic year, he/she may be entitled to a refund of some room and/or board charges. Refunds are based upon the date the student officially vacates the residence hall, which is the day he/she completes proper checkout procedures and returns all keys. All refunds are made to the student's account with the University.

Refunds for room charges will be made according to the schedule listed below:

  • Withdrawal within the first week, 100 percent credited.
  • Withdrawal within the second week, 80 percent credited.
  • Withdrawal within the third week, 60 percent credited.
  • Withdrawal within the fourth week, 40 percent credited.
  • Withdrawal within the fifth week, 20 percent credited.
  • Withdrawal after the fifth week, No credit.

Refunds for board charges will be prorated based upon the date a student officially vacates the residence hall.

The student's housing deposit will be refunded as explained under "Housing Deposit."

Residence and board fees for orientation and welcome week are not refundable. Notwithstanding the provisions of the University's refund policies, if any disciplinary action results in the suspension or expulsion of the student from the University or residence hall, the University may refuse to refund, in whole or in part, such student's room and board charges and fees.

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Renting or subleasing of residence hall space is prohibited.

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Residential Requirements

All first-year students not living at home with a parent or legal guardian are required to live in one of the university residence halls. All sophomore and junior students (including those affiliated with a Greek organization) not living at home with a parent or legal guardian will be required to live in university housing or an approved Greek Housing unit of which he or she is a member.

This regulation applies during summer, as well as during the regular academic year; it also applies regardless of the number of academic hours taken.

Students who move off campus during the semester or a summer term will be required to pay the full charges due to the University.

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Room and Roommate Assignments

The University attempts to comply with students' housing preferences for rooms and roommates. However, students are not guaranteed their specific assignment requests. Butler reserves the exclusive right to make assignments and will do so without regard to age, race, creed, color, sexual orientation, disability or national origin. The Department of Residence Life reserves the right to make changes in room assignments at any time.

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Room Consolidation

If one occupant of a room moves, leaving one remaining occupant, the remaining occupant, at the discretion of the University, may retain the room accommodation with a new roommate of his/her choice, be assigned to another room, remain in the room alone at the single room rate, or be assigned a roommate by the Department of Residence Life. Only if an additional charge is assessed will a resident be permitted to occupy a room alone on a permanent basis. This policy may change based upon available space.

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Single Rooms

A limited number of single rooms are available in Ross Hall, Schwitzer Hall, and the Residential College.

If a student has already checked into the residence hall, he/she should make the request to the Residence Life Coordinator. If no singles are available at the time of request, the student can be placed on a waiting list. Students who choose to be assigned to a single room or who remain in a double or triple room alone (see "Room Consolidation" section above) will be charged the single room rate.

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Housing is not available during break periods, including Thanksgiving break recess, semester break recess, spring break recess or any other stated recesses of the University. These periods also are board exceptions. Some housing exceptions are made for student groups if a request is made from a university official. Individuals and groups seeking exception should plan in advance and contact the Director of Residence Life.

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