College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Department of Psychology

Past Honors Theses 2009-2011

Name Grad date Title
Katie Berg 2011 What Do You Expect? An Investigation of How Caffeine Expectancies Affect College Students' Cognitive Performance.
Elsa Carodenuto 2011 Arousal Effects on Memories of Romantic Relationships
Nicole Ehlert 2011 How Can Distance Make the Heart Grow Fonder?: An Examination of the Differential Relationships Between Facets of Trait Emotional Intelligence and Three Types of Romantic Relationships.
Laura Fels 2011 Affect and Consequentiality Effects on Remembering Important Childhood Events.
Sarah Gillot 2011 How Sweet it Isn't: The Effects of Glucose on Retrieval of Narrative Memory.
Erin Good 2011 Effects of Mood on Using Analogies to Solve Problems and Reduce Conflict.
Laura Spice 2011 Induced Happiness Levels in the Classroom and their Effect on Academic Performance.
Walter Stamp 2011 Language Impairment in Patients with Alzheimer's Disease or Parkinson's Disease.
Myles Trapp 2011 The Effects of a Brief Mindfulness Intervention on Impulsivity in College Students.
Katie Wainwright 2011 Positive Affect During Goal Adoption: Why Happiness Breeds Success.
David Briley 2010 The Impact of Imagined Reactions on Feelings about Disclosing Stigmatized vs. Non-Stigmatized Beliefs.
Alisha Cahue 2010 Positive Illusory Bias in College Students.
Nicholas Comotto 2010 Memories for Sexual Encounters: Sexual Attitudes, Personality, and Evidence for Personal Flashbulb Effects.
Rachel Jacks 2010 Influence of Contact on Grounded Attitudes Towards Homosexuals.
Eric Massey 2010 Memory Self-Efficacy's Effect on Confidence Ratings and Susceptibility to Misinformation on an Eyewitness Memory Task.
Lauren McClure 2010 Investigating Collaborative Inhibition as an Artifact of the Testing Procedure.
Samantha Meints 2010 The Effects of Emotions on the Memory of Autistic Children.
Heather Sperry 2010 Jumping to Conclusions Bias and Attitudes Towards Body Image and Food.
Natalie Terry 2010 The Effect of Emotion on Working Memory and Retention in Older and Younger Adults.
Megan Vaupel 2010 Behavior Patterns of Smooth Dogfish Sharks (Mustelus canis) in Captivity, with an Emphasis on "Spy-hopping."
Katie Watterson 2010 Does Religiosity Enhance Ability to Self-Regulate?
Josh Boeke 2009 So Many Choices, So Little Time: Religiosity and the Stress of Making Decisions.
Christopher Ketcham 2009 Do Physical Self-Efficacy, Health Self-Efficacy and Physical Self-Concept Differ Amongst College Students and Determine Physical Activity Levels Across the Life-Span?
Kaitlin Kiburz 2009 The Fate of Abandoned Answers.
Katie Krueger 2009 Sociological and Psychological Predispositions to Serial Murder.