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The following publications are based on data collected from the ISJP replication (ISJP2), fielded in 1996.

Collaborative Project Volume 

David S. Mason and James R. Kluegel,

with Ludmila Khakhulina, Petr Mateju, Antal Orkeny, Alexander Stoyanov, Bernd Wegener

Marketing Democracy: Changing Opinion about Inequality and Politics in East Central Europe

Rowman and Littlefield, 2000.



Preface and Acknowledgments

1. Introduction: Public Opinion and Political Change in the Postcommunist States

David Mason and James Kluegel

2. Bulgaria: Political and Economic Crisis; Democratic Consolidation

Alexander Stoyanov, Margarita Pavlikianova, Andrej Nontchev, and Galja Krasteva

3. Economic Justice in the Czech Republic, 1991-1995

Klara Vlachova

4. Russia: Changing Perceptions of Social Justice

Svetlana Stephenson and Ludmila Khakhulina

5. Trends in Perceptions of Social Inequality in Hungary, 1991-1996

Antal Orkeny

6. Justice Ideologies, Perceptions of Reward Justice, and Transformation: Germany East and West in Comparison

Bernd Wegener, Bodo Lippl and Bernhard Christoph

7. Market Justice in Transition

Kluegel and Mason

8. Political System Legitimacy: Representative? Fair?

Kluegel and Mason

9. Participation and the Foundations of Democracy

Kluegel and Mason

10. Conclusions: Social Justice, Democracy and Capitalism in Eastern Europe

Mason and Kluegel

Appendix A: ISJP Survey Methodology

Appendix B: Commonly Employed Question


Other Project Publications


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For ISJP publications from the German team, see their isjp web site.


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