Financial Aid

Letter from the Director of Financial Aid to New Students 

Dear Student and Parents,

An education is an investment - one that extends over a period of years but lasts a lifetime.  Butler University is proud of our students, the traditions and legacies they have created, and the successes they have celebrated. These accomplishments have been recognized in the classroom, through extracurricular and volunteer activities and are reflected in our post-graduate placement rates. 

The Office of Financial Aid is dedicated to helping students and families through the financial aid process and invites you to write your own success story.  You will likely receive advice or hear stories from friends and family about the financial aid experience.  Your family is unique and you have your own set of concerns, wants and needs; therefore, we want to create a strong partnership between your family and our office.  We ask you to carefully review the letters and emails from the Office of Financial Aid, meet application dates, complete the financial aid process in full, and give all aid programs equal consideration.  In turn, we are committed to working with you, as a family, in understanding your options to invest in a Butler education. 

Searching for the right college is an exciting time for students and their families.  We wish you all the best as you journey through this process and encourage you to contact a member of our staff any time you may have questions or concerns.  We are here to help you! 

Kind Regards,

Melissa Smurdon