Financial Aid

Financial Aid Mailbag

There are so many factors that go into choosing a college and for many that includes financial aid.  We understand the financial aid process can be confusing at times. That is why we are bringing you the Financial Aid Mailbag series.  This video series will answer common, and more difficult, questions that you may have. If you have questions for us, please email

Be sure to check back for new videos answering all your financial aid questions.

In the first Mailbag Video, we will discuss what's next in the financial aid process and how to determine the cost of a Butler education.

In this installment, we will discuss the in's and out's of the FAFSA - why you should complete it, how to utilize the IRS Data Retrieval tool, and more. 

In this session, we'll discuss important emails and documentation that our office may require to process your financial aid. 

In installment #4, we'll explain where and how to accept or decline your financial aid offer. 


In the last installment, we touch on loans and scholarships.