College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Literary Theory, Culture and Criticism Track

48 Hours to complete the English Major with a TCC Concentration

Core Requirements

12 required hours
3 hours - EN185: Intro. to the Discipline of English
9 hours - Inquiries in American Lit. & History I & II and
Inquiries in British Lit. & History I & II (three of four: EN245, EN246, EN265, EN266)

These courses should be completed before enrolling at the 300 level

Sophomore/Junior/Senior Requirements

36 required hours

3 hours - EN287: Literary Theory, Culture and Criticism 
6 hours - EN321 or 322
3 hours - One 300/400-level course in Language, Rhetoric or Literary Criticism

3 hours - EN390: Research Seminar
6 hours - Two additional 300-level literature courses 
6 hours - Two 300/400-level TCC designated electives, including at least one EN394/494, Special Topics in Film                   

3 hours - EN385: Studies in Literary Criticism 
OR                                                                                                                                                                                                    3 hours - EN387: Studies in Literary Theory 

Senior Year

3 hours - 400-level Seminar
3 hours - EN450 Senior Essay

*Literary and Cultural History Requirement

Students are required to take three of the four courses in the Literary and Cultural History sequence (EN245, EN246, EN265, EN266).

Students will take an upper-level course in the fourth area that they do not cover at the 200-level.

For the designation of courses meeting the Literary and Cultural History Requirement, see the schedule of classes each semester, or consult with the Head of English.