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2003 Pie-In-The-Face & Christmas Party

On Thursday, December 11th, we held our second annual Pie-in-the-face and Christmas Party in Fairbanks 148. Note the binary Christmas tree on the shelf in the background below.

Pif03 Food, Small


Professor Henderson was the "lucky" winner, and Phiyen won the draw to throw the pie. Dan put $20 into Pete's jar just before the deadline just to make sure.

Pif03 Phiyen and Rachel, Small Pif03 Pete After1, Small
Pif03 Pete Before Pif03 Pie Pif03 Pete After2

We also unveiled the new CSSE T-Shirts, which Kyle modeled for us. See if you can trace the Java program on the back!

Pif03 Shirt1, Small Pif03 Shirt2, Small