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All postings are placed on Butler's eRecruiting site, B.L.U.E. The best way to manage your postings is to request access to B.L.U.E. and post your positions (see below). Alternatively, you can complete our Job/Internship Posting Form  and we will post it for you.

What is B.L.U.E.? ~ Show detail

About B.L.U.E

B.L.U.E. (Butler Links U to Employers) is a web based career management system that facilitates direct communication between employers and our students. B.L.U.E., powered by eRecruiting designed by Experience, Inc., allows you to manage your job postings, schedules, communicate with student applicants directly and much more.

Every student and alumni of Butler University may maintain a B.L.U.E. account. Through the system they apply for positions; sign up for interviews; keep track of upcoming interviews, job fairs, and programs; and use employer contact information for the purpose of networking.

eRecruiting Standard or eRecruiting Pro

You will be set up initially as an eRecruiting Standard user once you create your account with Experience. Standard users will have a home page that displays your linked partner schools. This functionality requires individual login to each partner school from the home page.  There is no charge for an eRecruiting Standard account.

eRecruiting Pro is a fee-based system and is designed for recruiters who actively recruit college candidates at 2 or more schools. Through the use of a single account, the product eliminates repetitive and time consuming tasks such as job creation, managing applicants and schedules. In addition, eRecruiting Pro offers valuable metrics and reporting tools to assess the overall performance of job postings.

If you would like to learn more about the Pro version of eRecruiting, please contact Experience, Inc. by phone at 1-800-489-7611 or by email at

How Do I Create an Account for B.L.U.E.? ~ Show detail

Step 1: Creating your Experience Account

Access the login page by going to:

Select Create an Account .

Simply fill out the required fields, select How you will be using eRecruiting and read the Terms of Service. If you agree to the terms, click Yes . To view the Terms of Service, you may click on the link above.


Step 2: Confirmation

You will receive a confirmation page that your account has been created and you will then need to use the email sent by Experience to activate your account. Click on the link in the email to be returned to


Step 3: Link Your Schools

After logging in you can begin to link your partner school(s) to your account using the school issued username and password. Select your school name, enter your school-issued username and password and click on Link School .

This is also the screen where you can obtain school contact information. Just click on the contact your specific school link. The list of schools will be displayed for your selection. Click on the school name, select search and the contact information will be displayed. As each school is linked you will receive a confirmation.

When you have completed linking, you can go directly to your schools by clicking on the links displayed on the confirmation page.


Step 4: Start Recruiting

When subsequently accessing eRecruiting after entering your login information, you will be directed to your Home Page where any linked schools will be displayed. To access a school, click on the school name. You will be prompted for a username and password issued to you by the school. You will then be directed to the school home page to create or view jobs, view resume books or review applications.

How Can I Increase Responses to My Posting? ~ Show detail

  • Create a comprehensive job description that clearly defines the job responsibilities, identifies skills that are needed and describes the work environment.
  • Consider opening the job to the widest range of majors. All of our majors are grounded in the liberal arts which develop strong written and oral communication skills, interpersonal skills; analytical skills, critical thinking and problem solving skills, and other sought-after abilities.
  • Provide compensation and benefit information, where possible.

For more tips on recruiting, visit's Recruiting Insights Blog.


Guidelines for Unpaid Interns in For-Profit Companies ~ Show detail

The US Department of Labor (DOL) provides clear guidelines on unpaid internships per the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).  Please review the fact sheet on the DOL website to determine if your unpaid internship meets the criteria for a legal, unpaid opportunity.


DISCLAIMER: Internship and Career Services reserves the right to remove or deny access to any employer or refuse to post any position that violates equal opportunity provisions. In addition, Butler University prohibits postings that are in violation of any state or federal laws or those positions it deems a safety concern for its students or alumni.